Budgets. Budgets. Southampton

Monday started with migration to the Exchange Email server. It went without a hitch and I can now access on my phone and personal devices – of which I am finding I have too many!

Monday and Tuesday were spent reviewing budgets. Rob Bradburn the Finance Director and I sat with each Director and went through next year’s budget plans. Whilst we have all had to work hard to reduce spending we at least have some certainty around what we need to do – this compares with hospitals who are to a large extent beholden to the unpredictable demands of the patients who come through A and E, which makes budgeting very hard.

Wednesday morning was off to Southampton Centre with the rest of the Exec team to meet Lee Hennen and colleagues. The new hospital car park alongside our site is now open and somewhat dominates the skyline, albeit it must make visitor parking a little easier. The centre looks good for a building which is only a little younger than me! It was good to catch up with local issues and have our regular Exec meeting.

The Exec agenda included a review of lost time accidents. We have made great progress over the last couple of years – thank you for helping to keep each other safe, and, please don’t be afraid to talk to colleagues who are putting themselves in danger. Other highlights included: agreement to join the Step into Health programme, which is a charity that helps ex-forces people start careers in health; and reinforcing our support for apprenticeships.

Thursday was calls and meeting in the West End, and today has been more calls from home.

We have launched a partnership with Moonpig, the cards company, this week to get people talking about organ donation  – give it a go here!

See you all next week.


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