Digital Manchester, Sunny Lakes and London

Early start to get on a train to Manchester for the Digital Expo. This is the annual NHS England sponsored conference to bring together everyone interest in digital services for healthcare.

We had a stand there to talk to the many clinician and other hospital people who attended to spread the word about what we do. I am always surprised at the number of people who don’t really know what we do, despite having a fairly clear name!

Tuesday was another early start and a drive up to the lake District to see Savant, the makers of our Pulse system. We had a good session talking about how we will work together over the coming couple of years as we transition to our new system. It was then back to Manchester and the train home.

Wednesday was in London with various meetings including catching up with our Chair, Millie Banerjee. Millie and I then went off to meet Department of Health colleagues for our regular catch up.

Thursday was another London day with a series of meetings talking about everything from our upcoming board meeting through to advanced cell therapies.

Friday was catching up before taking a week off. I have been fighting off a cold all week (and losing). It is a good reminder to make sure we all have flu jabs. The impact of even a few of us off with the flu is enormous – so once the programme starts please make sure you sign up. I’ve only got ‘man flu’ and it is horrible!

Saturday was taking my son off to start University in Exeter. It has been a hard week repeatedly asking the question “are you sure you have got everything?” So, good luck to those of you who are taking their children off to university this week.

I am now off for a week so see you in two weeks.


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