‘Outlining’ the importance of donation

Specialist Nurse, Charlotte Goodwin has pledged to run 1000 miles in 2018 and dedicated September to promoting organ donation with her very interesting running routes…

I’ve been working for NHSBT as a Specialist Nurse in Cardiff for just over 3 years and enjoy the variety of the role. Organ donation has always been a great passion of mine and I’m eager to share the message, so I have decided to use running as a way of encouraging people to talk about organ donation.

I am a keen runner and currently undertaking a challenge to run 1000 miles in 2018 (which is on track so far!), and I decided to dedicate September to trial the new organ donation running top.
My aim is to run at least 3 miles a day to represent 3 people dying each day in the UK whilst waiting for an organ transplant.

As the beginning of September marked Organ Donation Week, I planned my routes a little differently, in the shape of organs, and will continue this throughout the month. I have left the small bowel until last as that’ll be an interesting run..!

My pink top has definitely caught the attention of people in public as I’m varying my routes around Cardiff and have been regularly spotted on the streets. Luckily my pace isn’t too fast, so it gives people the chance to talk about organ donation with me. I’m also thinking though that I should get my dog a matching pink top as she joins me for the majority of runs and normally gets the most attention!

Running is a good way to maintain a healthy mix of well-being and an excuse to eat lots of food, which is another hobby of mine! I’ve always enjoyed outdoor activities and like to set myself a yearly challenge and add to my collection of medals. If there’s no medal, I’m not interested!

My overall aim is for the public to talk about their organ donation decision and I’m hoping the pink top will help as you can’t really miss me. The miles are achievable as I’ve already run in a snowstorm and heat wave so there’s nothing stopping me apart from the street designs!

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    Hi Charlotte,
    What a really clever way to share the organ donation message…it would be great if this was picked up by local press to get some external media coverage…is that something you’ve thought about?
    If not, perhaps you could speak to someone in the Media and PR team to pursue?
    Good luck reaching your small bowel run!

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