The importance of project management

Mick Duley is a Programme Manager in Business Transformation Services and, in his blog, he describes some of his work and outlines why it is important.

After working in the Blood Transfusion Department of St. Mary’s hospital for several years, I joined NHSBT in 1991 as a Supervisor in the Microbiology Testing department at Tooting. I worked my way through various jobs in Manufacturing and Hospital Services, the latter coinciding with the national rollout of Pulse. It was at this point I became involved in working on a formal project (albeit from the ‘business’ perspective). I became a Project Manager in 2001, and a Programme Manager in 2003.

I have managed a range of projects since then, including a number of Pulse-enabled key business changes (e.g. linking Pulse to the National Contact Centre and implementing the Pulse donor appointment system).

More recently, I have worked on many projects within Manufacturing and Testing. I am currently finishing a project to improve patient safety by screening all our donations for HEV (Hepatitis E), with a transfer of organ donor screening from Colindale to Manchester, and the Euro Blood Packs 2 project, which has enabled us to sign a new contract for the provision of all our blood packs (with a saving of almost £1m per annum).

These two projects are running with small teams overseeing the final deliverables. Each team meets by Skype or teleconference on a weekly basis to ensure we remain on track while saving money on travelling expenses.

I have developed strong working relations with many team members over the years, and I am also able to use my background and experience internally (and at the hospital end) to help my understanding of operational challenges within my projects.

I am also managing the West End Donor Centre Expansion. This project will refurbish the Centre and increase capacity (to help address stock shortages and in line with our 2020 Strategy to increase productivity), by 50% before the end of 2018. I haven’t managed a project with a significant construction element before, and I am enjoying working in a new area with colleagues in Blood Donation, Marketing and Estates/Facilities. This project is more ‘hands on’ than the other two – we are only a month away from moving out of the centre while construction takes place, so we are taking great care to ensure the donor and staff temporary arrangements are up to scratch, and that the final cost to NHSBT delivers value for money.

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    Great work Mick – really appreciate your work to keep us on the straight and narrow during these long and complex projects.

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