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cambridgeshire-150x150What do NHSBT Drivers do when they are not at work? Well, I’m Alan Course, a Driver at Cambridge, and I want to share with you what one of my colleagues does when he’s not at work for NHSBT.  Trevor Wright is a Driver for NHSBT but also a Team Leader for the Cambridgeshire Search & Rescue, a fully funded charity organisation . On his days off from NHSBT duties, he may be out with his team searching for the very young, the elderly, perhaps those suffering from dementia or others who might even be considering taking their own life.

The organisation offers a 24 hour call out service; many of their referrals coming via the Police and the other Emergency Services. When not searching for lost souls Trevor can be found attending events raising much needed funds for the organisation and operation of their dedicated vehicles.

‘I have been with the team for several years and have made my natural progression through the team and have now achieved the role of a Team Leader. During the search for a Vulnerable Missing Person, it is essential that every team member is safe in their actions to search for and hopefully rescue them and ensure their removal to a place of safety.

‘The team leader’s role is to protect every person on the team and whom ever we may come across who may need our help. The role is not only about looking for the missing person it is also about ensuring that the requested actions of the Police and search management have been carried out efficiently and accurately by the team. Every member of our team is a volunteer and is just as important as the next. Some persons take on extra roles and responsibilities to ensure the team is ready to be called upon 365 days and nights of the year and others ensure that everyone is trained and qualified to carry out their roles to very high standards.
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‘Personally my additional responsibility is to ensure that the team’s vehicles are in a safe and roadworthy condition and ready to be called out and used at a moments notice. With only a being a small charity and having a restricted budget, it is imperative that I make things work effectively for our team vehicles. Every penny and every pound the team receive is important and must be spent respectfully.’

Trevor thought up and organised for the third year running the “World’s Largest Official Game of Hide & Seek” for The Guinness Book of Records. This year on the 4 September Trevor decided to also go in NHSBT uniform, with Natalie Shaw from our Marketing team. They parked an NHSBT van by the entrance, where over a thousand people entered to play, and took up the PA system.  This time Trevor not only explained the rules of the game, but used the opportunity to encourage the public to become blood and organ donors.  Many people during the day approached Trevor and Natalie, seeking further information.

One man who had brought his family to join in the game congratulated Trevor on the work he was doing for NHSBT. Trevor, was under pressure at the time, and thanked him saying that he looked familiar commenting ”but I know lots of bald headed blokes”! It turned out to be Dr. Nick Watkins, our Head of Centre at Cambridge; fortunately we know Nick has a good sense of humour!  Our Marketing colleagues confirmed that the event had been a great success, with a very good number of the public expressing a wish to sign up to become blood and organ donors. The World Record for “Hide & Seek” wasn’t reached this time but it was an unofficial UK Record and next year they may well do it – and Cambridge Drivers and Marketing will be there encouraging the public to become Blood and Organ Donors.

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Trevor Wright, Bridget Parr & Julie Attenborough (NHSBT Marketing Essex & Cambridgeshire) Shaun Whiter & Joey Abbs

Not being content with that, on the 9 October Trevor and Natalie both in their NHSBT uniform and NHSBT vehicle, attended the Family Football Day at Cambridge United Football Club. The event had been organised to raise funds for Shaun Whiter & Joey Abbs, two local footballers who had suffered life changing injuries following a hit and run accident whilst they were attending to a puncture on their car. Shaun had tragically lost both legs in the accident, having subsequently had to receive blood transfusions, and Joey suffered a severely smashed leg. The event attracted over two thousand people and raised £16,615. Wayne Rooney and John Terry, donated signed shirts along with the first teams from Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, West Ham and England’s Senior Squad – all to be auctioned for the cause.

Our attendance at that event resulted in a significant number of people asking to become blood donors.   Proof that NHSBT Drivers and our Marketing colleagues are prepared to go the extra mile and more in our combined desire to help save and improve lives.

Alan Course

Part Time Driver (& Part Time Roving Reporter)

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