Blood Donation Takes Action

In response to Your Voice – Be Heard, our Blood Donation Directorate started work to address the issues raised at a local level across teams and departments at the start of 2017.

By April, those plans were in place but it was felt that more could be done. Mike Stredder, Director of Blood Donation, said: “I think the figure I found hardest to accept in the survey was that only 29% of people across Blood Donation thought we would do anything as a result of the survey.”

Mike wrote an open letter to everyone across the directorate asking for their help to improve engagement. He invited volunteers to form a group focusing on improving engagement and commit to six monthly workshops until September 2017. The group consisted of 20 colleagues across the directorate in various roles, from around the country, with varying lengths of service. The challenge, set by Mike, was “If you don’t make me and my management team uncomfortable with your suggestions, you are not trying hard enough!”

This is us: one of the first pieces of work the group undertook was to try and represent the directorate in a more meaningful way – rather than using a hierarchy based upon who was ‘in charge’ or how much someone was paid. The concept of placing the donor at the heart of what we do was progressed into an image of the directorate structure – donor facing roles are highlighted in red with colleagues in equally vital support functions highlighted in purple. The result is a striking blend of concentric hearts in vibrant colours which shows it’s role not rank that matters to the communities we serve.

Message Mike: another key piece of group work was the creation of an email account to give direct access to Mike Stredder. You send in an email question and Mike will answer directly. So far, the idea is already proving successful and is helping communication amongst colleagues. Topics raised have included questions about flexible retirement, career and development opportunities, interval study and HB testing and suggestions about improving levels of vulnerable blood groups.

The group have also help improvement events to develop new systems. They are also looking to be more inclusive and open with colleagues when trials are held.

Mike Stredder said: “The contributions as a group exceeded my expectations, challenging myself and my management team to re-think the way we are doing some things for the benefit of our directorate, our donors and ultimately the patients we serve”.

Planning Award

The Hull Mobile team have also been taking action around the Your Voice survey results and were the winners of the Your Voice Planning Award at the recent National Awards.

Gina Morton, Senior Sister Senior Charge Nurse, said: “We are delighted to win the award as the team put a lot of effort into completing the survey with 100% compliance.

“We discussed as a team our results and came up with our core actions around better ways of communicating such as downloading People First to personal phones and having a communication brief on the minibus as well as base so staff can read relevant information as they travel.”

We are interested in finding out what actions your teams have taken, please contact us at

This feature was taken from the December / January issue of Connect magazine available now in all centres!

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