NHSBT’s Filton site is ten years old this year and we are going to be celebrating this from 24 September with a week where we will be showcasing your memories, your pictures and your videos.

Filton was opened in 2008 and was seen as the future of blood processing. It operates the largest blood processing facility in Europe, capable of processing one million units a year.

The manufacturing centre is home to thousands of pouches of blood hanging from machines which separate the blood into three parts – red cells, plasma and platelets.

The International Blood Group Reference Laboratory is one of the world’s leading labs in rare blood identification. Tens of thousands of tests are done every day; the logistical challenges of testing are huge when you consider the enormous ramifications of making a mistake.

In the cryogenic vat room, stem cells from bone marrow are stored and processed in readiness for transplant.

Over the years Filton has welcomed many visitors from around the globe through its doors. In 2016, the centre played host to the European Blood Alliance and has also welcomed representatives from the Irish Blood Transfusion Service, Harvey’s Gang and Lord Prior, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health. It has also hosted visits from peers from Israel, Singapore and Australia.

We will be celebrating Filton10 throughout the week with competitions and quizzes, as well as displays of obsolete equipment that demonstrates the way we worked.

Filton under construction

Please share with us your memories and your photographs – whether you’ve been here ten years or ten weeks we’d like you to contribute blogs, create videos and share your part in Filton’s legacy. Contact the Internal Communications team by emailing

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