How to use Yammer

Yammer is a social networking service available to all colleagues within our organisation as part of Microsoft Office 365.  Below you can find details on how to sign up and get involved.

Sign up and access on any device

Yammer is a free service available to all colleagues and you can sign in and create a profile using your NHSBT email address.

Our NHSBT Yammer service is accessible on any device so you can download the app for free and keep up to speed with all the latest conversations and engagement taking place on the site.

Comment policy

We want you to get involved by commenting and having a discussion on Yammer. We want to encourage healthy debate that is courteous, respectful and professional.

Therefore we reserve the right to remove comments from NHSBT users that:

  • contain aggressive, abusive or foul language
  • feature an overt personal attack on an individual or organisation, or that threatens the reputation of NHSBT
  • contravenes the tone and spirit of debate/ discussion on
  • includes personal information such as addresses, phone numbers or email addresses of any NHSBT colleagues without their permission

If you wish to raise a matter of concern, please contact HR Direct or one of the people outlined in our Raising a matter of Concern (Whistleblowing) policy.

Update / Poll / Praise / Announcement

All colleagues are welcome to share posts, polls and praises on the ‘All Company’ Yammer feed. Please keep them concise and to the point. Always try to think of it from the readers perspective – what is the key message or call to action?

‘Announcements’ in the ‘All Company’ feed are not to be used without the permission of the Internal Communications team at this time.

Join a group

You may notice there are already a number of groups set up on Yammer. If you are interested in joining and getting involved in their discussions. You can request to join via the group admin.

Setting up a group

If you’re thinking of setting up a group on Yammer please consider a few things first:

  • Is someone responsible for making sure the group thrives? Groups are only good if there’s frequent conversation and activity that’s on a topic. Otherwise there’s no reason to join or stick around!
  • Public or private? A public group means everyone in NHSBT can join and this approach works great for projects that are cross-functional and cross-departmental. If you are setting up a group please give it a Group Description so people know what it’s about before they ask to join
  • Does the group have a unique purpose? Ask yourself what you are hoping to achieve and check to see if other groups aren’t already doing the same that you could join instead.

Further details on how to use Yammer effectively are available via Microsoft’s tutorial guide here.

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      Hi Claire, I have just added you to the Marketing and Comms group on Yammer. It is an open group so should be visible when you click on ‘Discover more groups’ on the left hand panel on your homepage. Laura

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