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The ODT Hub Programme is working with stakeholders to ensure services are developed that truly respond to their needs and save and improve more patients’ lives. One of this year’s key areas of focus is implementing a system that allows Liver Transplant Co-ordinators to register patients, update those registrations and manage their status in real time.

The ODT Hub Programme has already carried out changes that have delivered huge benefits. The new heart and routine lung scheme and the Super-urgent and Urgent Lung schemes have streamlined processes and given patients at most risk of dying better access to transplants. It is now moving on to deliver a Liver Transplant List hosted on a new system to manage patients and prioritise those most in need of a liver transplant through a Super-urgent Liver List.

Michael Hope has worked at Addenbrooke’s as a Liver Recipient Transplant Co-ordinator for over ten years. He is part of a dedicated team looking after liver transplant patients both pre- and-post transplant, as well as co-ordinating transplants on a 24 hour basis. Michael is working closely with ODT Hub Programme colleagues to develop a streamlined, user-friendly IT system. This will mean co-ordinators like him will be able to register patients from any device without intervention from NHSBT.

Michael said “Liver disease affects a growing number of people. Some have no option available other than a transplant. The current system for collecting information from hospital trusts and sending it to NHSBT has been based on paper returns and an ageing IT system.

“We need to find ways of improving all communications to speed up the process. I have been part of a working group analysing the challenges of the liver transplant waiting list including the Super-urgent Liver List. I’ve also
advised on how they can be transformed to benefit us and our patients.

“We need to ensure that all users are able to use the system easily, that it is intuitive and, over all, that it works properly so that it engages users. With the new system in place we will be able to access it remotely meaning registrations can be validated immediately, reducing delays.”

Invaluable work

Mike Gumn, Head of Information Services and Business Owner for work on the patient side of the ODT Hub Programme, explained “It has been invaluable to work with the Liver Transplant Co-ordinators across the UK. This will ensure that all patient information can be held safely and updated efficiently on new systems.

“The developments we are undertaking this year will transform the way we work and how the Liver Transplant centres and their Co-ordinators work too. Co-ordinators won’t have to wait for NHSBT to validate patient
registrations; they will have the power to register patients in real time. This means patients won’t miss out on a life saving organ offer waiting for Information Services to review their registration.

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For more information on the ODT Hub Programme, go to Connect online and click on the ODT Hub Quick Link. If you have any questions about ODT Hub, please email 

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