Tutorials on how to use Skype for Business

Skype for Business offers colleagues the opportunity to make use of all new features that can improve communications across our organisation. To make best use of the new software, a series of brief tutorial videos are now available below and also on Shine Academy.



Opening Skype

Starting a video conversation and screen sharing

Scheduling Skype meetings with Microsoft Outlook

Sharing presentations and files

Whiteboards, polls, question and answer tools

Recording meetings and skype calls

*‘Please note if you are recording a Skype call you MUST request permission of all colleagues taking part on the call in advance. All meetings recorded for the purposes of taking minutes must be deleted immediately after the minutes are completed for Information Security purposes.’

If you have any further questions or comments, please share in the comments section below and one of the Desktop Modernisation project team will respond to you …

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  1. 1

    Where do we find or login details?
    Only people who have hybrid devices are able to log in to skype.
    Any help will be very much appreciated.
    Many thanks

    • 2

      Hi Victoria,

      The Desktop team have added you to the Workspace group now so you should be able to log in to Skype on your desktop …

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