Best ever result for TAS user satisfaction

At the beginning of each calendar year, Therapeutic Apheresis Service (TAS) hold a survey for all hospital clinicians who referred patients to us in the previous year.

Over a four-week period in February/March 2018, a total of 353 user satisfaction surveys were issued and 115 returned, giving an overall response rate of 33%.

Feedback from the survey was assessed using top box scores (the percentage of responses scoring 9 or 10 out of 10) and average scoring methods as in previous surveys. The top box score for overall satisfaction in 2018 is 74%, which is the highest score received since the commencement of the annual survey in 2012.

Overall feedback is very positive, indicating a higher level of satisfaction from TAS users, and the areas identified in the 2017 survey as requiring improvement have all seen an improved score.

It is essential that TAS listen to our users, and therefore the report includes a list of recommendations which aim to continue the improvement of our user experience and satisfaction.

The summary and full report are available here.


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