Do you want to join our B Positive Choir?

Our B Positive Choir are looking for new singers to join in their life-saving awareness activity for 2018 and welcome all expressions of interest from colleagues.



The Choir would love to hear from you if you

  • are from any ethnic background
  • have received blood or have a friend / family member who is a recipient
  • have a strong story to tell
  • work with blood
  • have an amazing voice!

You must be:

  • prepared to audition
  • able to attend rehearsals (Manchester, Walsall, London – Edgeware Road or Bristol) on a regular basis
  • prepared to appear at events and on TV and Radio
  • a willing case study
  • prepared to have your photo taken

B Positive is made up of people whose lives are affected by the lifesaving power of blood. Our members include blood donors and blood recipients, including people with sickle cell and their families, friends and people who work with blood – this year is set to be bigger and better than 2017!

The process for auditioning shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes per person and  will involve:

  • Singing a song of your choice
  • Doing a couple of singing exercises – identifying vocal range and ability
  • A few questions regarding why they want to continue being in the choir, what additional skills they bring and what their level of commitment is.

Audition and rehearsal dates are as follows:

Birmingham (Wednesdays)

  • Auditions start at 7pm (31st January)
  • Rehearsals dates are on 31st January and 7th February and start at 7pm

London (Thursdays)

  • Auditions start at 5.30pm (25th January)
  • Rehearsal dates are on 25th January and 1st Feb and start at 6.45pm (local parking restrictions are lifted at 6:30pm)

We realise that this is short notice for London choir members. If you are unable to attend please let know and we will arrange another audition – by Skype if necessary!

Manchester (Tuesdays)

  • Auditions start at 7pm (30th January)
  • Rehearsals dates are on 30th January and 6th February and start at 7pm

Bristol – auditions to be confirmed asap.

If you are interested in joining the choir, please email

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