Don’t let flu become a BUG deal! (extra Colindale, Filton and Liverpool clinics added!)

To protect you against this year’s flu virus we have lots of vaccination clinics running in centres, as well as vaccinations available for frontline teams via their line manager.

Flu is a highly contagious virus that kills 8,000 people a year in England. A single cough or sneeze from an infected person can send millions of tiny droplets into the air spreading the virus up to one metre away.

The virus can lead to serious complications for the elderly and those with certain long-term medical conditions so all NHS frontline colleagues are encouraged to receive the free vaccination. For example in our organisation this includes; Blood Donation teams welcoming donors to sessions, specialist nurses – organ donation liaising with families in hospitals and Therapeutic Apheresis Services teams treating patients with a range of clinical specialities.

This year you can book your vaccination appointment online by simply clicking the link available for each time and date and selecting your slot.

Please do try to keep your appointment or cancel at the earliest opportunity so it can be filled by someone else.

If you are unable to attend a clinic, we do have a limited supply of flu vouchers available which can be exchanged at a number of high street outlets for the vaccination. To request yours, please email ‘Flu Vaccination’.

Please note all colleagues will be required to provide their assignment number prior to receiving the vaccination. This is to ensure that only NHS colleagues receive the free vaccination available.

If you receive the flu vaccination outside of NHSBT, please email ‘Flu Vaccination’ with your details.

If you’re still unsure about the vaccination, please watch Adele’s story that highlights why it’s so important for everyone to protect against flu this season:

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