Innovate UK award NHSBT and Kortical partnership grant

Innovate UK have awarded a grant of £750,000 for a project to deliver an innovative demand planning platform for the management of the blood supply chain.

NHSBT will be partnering with Kortical to deliver the project that will ensure that patients receive the right blood products when they need them and optimise the entire logistics chain from donor to patient.

Aaron Powell, Chief Digital Officer said “At NHSBT we strive to be leaders in innovation ensuring that patients are receiving the best care that modern technology can provide. As such we are proud to partner with Kortical and their platform The Kore to implement cutting edge AI tools to benefit patient care.”

Gail Miflin, Medical and Research Director at NHSBT said “Blood is a precious resource and a vital part of treatment for many patients. Improvements to the supply chain will help to ensure that these blood components are available at the right time and in the right place and reduce potential wastage.”

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    OK having looked a little deeper I take back my last ‘Comment’ and replace it with a question. Is this a grant or a loan? and why Kortical an AI consultancy that conveniently have some ‘Tools’ to sell as well. Was there a Tender exercise at all?

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