Manchester Storm promote blood donation jersey

Manchester Storm will take to the ice on February 14th in special jerseys in support of blood donation, asking fans to #GiveAGiftFromTheHeart this Valentine’s Day.Ice hockey team, Machester Storm will be wearing a limited edition jersey against Coventry Blaze this week to promote blood donation and the increased need for donors in the city.

The team were thrilled to be taking part and supporting blood donation, something that has touched their own lives. Storm player Ciaran Long’s father has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and regularly receives blood transfusions to help him through chemotherapy. Ciaran said:

“Since being diagnosed with cancer my dad has received around five units of blood. Without those transfusions he wouldn’t have been able to have chemo as his blood count was too low. I will keep donating and keep improving and saving people’s lives.”

Players also attended Plymouth Grove Donor Centre last week to donate blood and were joined by Charming Seyi-Abiodum, a 12-year-old sickle cell patient who needs transfusions to stay alive. Players welcomed Charming with a limited edition jersey that he wore whilst spending time with the team. Charming gave a moving speech about his life with an incurable disease:

“A patient like me survives on periodic blood donations from generous donors like you. I seize this opportunity to thank all blood donors in the UK who make survival of many of us possible. You have not just saved a life with your donation today, you have given a life.”

These limited edition jerseys worn by players can be purchased on the Storm Sports online store. Jerseys purchased before the game will be presented and signed by players.

We need around 200,000 new donors every year to maintain the supply for life-saving blood donations and there is a particular need for new black donors to help patients like Charming.

Photo above: Manchester Storm Ice Hockey team donate at the Plymouth Grove Donor Centre in Manchester Ash Smith, Paul Swindlehurst, Declan Balmer, Jay Rosehill, Ciaran Long, Gerard Hanson and Scott Pitt with Donor Carers Suzanne Hibbs and Carole Hynes

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