Memories of Filton …..

Have you worked at Filton since the site opened ten years ago? Did you work here when the building opened? We would like you to share your stories of having worked in this state-of-the-art purpose-built home to NHSBT as we celebrate Filton’s tenth birthday.

Filton is home to manufacturing, testing and hospital services processing, testing and issuing over 600,000 blood products to support just under 90 hospitals in the south-west region. Filton has extensive laboratory facilities for RCI and H&I reference services, work on stem cell processing, stem cell research and blood safety initiatives. International Blood Group Reference Laboratory and Bristol Institute of Transfusion Sciences are based here providing close links with Bristol University.

There have been many changes since Filton first opened in 2008. Our Chief Executive was Linda Hamlyn and our new Interim Chief Executive Sally Johnson had just joined NHSBT. Gordon Brown was our  Prime Minister, the Ford Focus was the UK’s top-selling car and the highest grossing film was The Dark Knight.

Filton survived the great flood of 2012, thanks to everyone pulling together, including the emergency services. If you’ve got a tale to tell of that trying time, we would love to hear from you.

We will be celebrating throughout September and featuring your stories, your films, your photos so please email your memories to to help to make this a really special celebration.

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