The best response rate yet? Let’s go!

Kevin Cartwright shares his thoughts why Our Voice is worth completing and how previous surveys have led to positive change for NHSBT colleagues.

Having been Head of Centre in two of our locations (Birmingham and Colindale) I have been a part of celebrating the success of this organisation in ‘saving and improving lives’. I initially came to what was the National Blood Service from the Home Office for two years – 17 years later I am still here and that is largely down to my passion and enthusiasm for the organisation and the crucial work we do. Completing Our Voice is a really important way of helping our organisation continue to develop.

In a workforce of 5200, NHSBT can’t always make everything perfect for its employees, no organisation does. But there are many things we can enjoy in NHSBT, such as the excellent development opportunities. An example of this is the new Leadership Ladder – look out for it in 2019!

Directors now take part in ‘Connect to a Region’ and now have a regular presence on our sites as well as at our annual Director Roadshows. This came from the Your Voice survey saying senior managers could perhaps be more visible. The survey has also resulted in improved communication initiatives, including Team Talk, more blogs and other updates being shared on the intranet.

Our organisation is committed to our health and wellbeing and this has been informed and enhanced by the views you gave through successive surveys. Each centre has a health and wellbeing programme which is shared at Centre Partnership Committees (CPC) and should be disseminated though line managers. If you don’t know – find out!

Sadly, NHS colleagues can experience bullying and harassment. NHSBT has taken the issue seriously, as some colleagues flagged through Your Voice that they had been subject to this, resulting in a number of workshops in 2015.

I am very pleased that the organisation has several support groups now; the most recent group to be formed was the LGBT+ Network. This came about as only 2% of colleagues said they were comfortable disclosing their sexuality. As part of that group I can say it has been an excellent forum for not only gaining support but offering it to colleagues who were perhaps less comfortable than me.
Of course, bullying and harassment can also affect one’s mental health. NHSBT takes the issue very seriously and has developed learning resources within the Shine Academy and we now have 92 Mental Health and Wellbeing Champions across the organisation.

If senior management don’t know your concerns they can’t do anything about them. I have done my survey and it will only take you a few minutes!

Let us make 2018 the best response rate ever so we can continue to do tell our teams and leaders what we can do to continue to make NHSBT a great place to work.

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