The Big Pink Ribbon Cutting event (ODT Hub officially launches)

Despite plane delays and traffic jams that Bristol always manages to throw at us, on Monday 25 September, our Director of Organ Donation and Transplantation (ODT), Sally Johnson, made it to officially launch the ODT Hub.

Sally was joined by Ben Hume, Assistant Director Transplantation Support Services, Anthony Clarkson, Assistant Director Organ Donation and Nursing and colleagues from across NHSBT to celebrate the launch.

The Duty Office is now ODT Hub Operations and, combined with Information Services, forms the new ODT Hub. It represents the beginning of bringing ambitious plans to life and delivering the vision of making ODT processes simpler, safer and more supportive.

ODT Hub Operations has now started undertaking heart and lung organ offering.  Together with changes already made in the last two years, this will support Specialist Nurses – Organ Donation (SN-ODs) by removing hours of time spent on administrative tasks.  As well as allowing them to spend more time doing what only they can do – managing their donors and supporting their donor families – they will also be able to spend more time providing leadership and guidance to colleagues at the donating hospitals.

In the coming months, ODT Hub Information Services will support transplant colleagues by improving waiting list management, providing direct access to waiting lists and allowing real time changes. This will make it easier and safer to manage patients in need of an organ.

These changes to both ODT Hub Operations and Information Services will help NHSBT to consistently and accurately record administration tasks, giving a central up-to-date view of information on a national basis.

Supporting all of this, the ODT Hub Programme team and other colleagues are progressively building a range of fit-for-purpose systems and modernising core IT.

Ben Hume, commented on the day: “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in NHSBT and to those that have willingly contributed their time; we couldn’t have started this journey without your help and support. We all have the same joint purpose – to improve and save as many lives as we can – and this Hub Transformation Programme is a major contributor to achieving this joint aim.”

Mike Gumn The Hub Ben Hume Colleagues during a break Anthony Clarkson ODT Hub launch The ODT Hub ODT Hub launch Colleagues Sally Johnson, Anthony Clarkson and Ben Hume ODT Hub launch Laura Ellis-Morgan

If you would like more information on the work we are doing here, please visit and click on the ODT Hub Programme icon.


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    It was a great event and really brought to life the difference the programme will make, both for patients and people working in organ donation and transplantation.

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    A great achievement for the team and a major milestone in our programme…and lots of motivation to deliver more to save and enhance even more lives

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