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    John, Carol thank you for your comments. We agree it not ideal having to view the Total Rewards Statement via the Government Gateway accounts. I appreciate (personally) that if you don’t use these Gateway accounts for a while its easy to misplace your details password and then very challenging to get back in!! This is clearly reflected in the low number accessing the statements. We are keen for everyone to have easier access so they can confirm their statements are correct see what benefits they are accumulating. So we have a project on our service improvement plan to deliver easier access which is currently scheduled for early summer this year. This timescale is subject to change. We will keep you informed. Or feel free to ask for an update.

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    TRS is updated annually in August each year and since August 2017 only 13.52% of NHSBT employees have viewed their statements.

    Its such a hassle looking it up with all the hoops you have to jump through it (I gave up in the end) would it not be better to get a statement sent once a year to the EASY system or our home address? I guess numbers are the same(13.5%ish) all over the NHS Information technology should be user friendly if you want people to use it. I know its nothing NHSBT can do about it in the long run but if most people are not using it it makes it a waste of money and time.

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      I agree. It’s so much hassle to get into it, I’ve tried more than once and haven’t got as far as finding out anything. Too fiddly, too long-winded, problems with log-ins etc. We need a simpler system

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